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March 26, 2024

Perspective Across All of Talent Acquisition - Shane Gray

Perspective Across All of Talent Acquisition - Shane Gray

I wish all vendor-side folks were more like Shane: Taking advantage of all the conversations they have with different sized companies and industries to create something that is hard to develop within a single company: perspective. That's why I invited Shane Gray to talk about AI, what's (still) wrong with recruiting, and the talent challenges companies should be expecting to face in the very near future.

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You can make the talent you want want to work for you!

That's the power and impact of employer branding and it is now within the reach of any company, regardless of size, industry, or "coolness."

Investing in your employer brand will increase the desire talented people have for you as an employer. They will respond to recruiters more often. They will reach out to you. They will accept offers more often.

These are clear business outcomes.

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