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The Definition of Insanity Show

The Definition of Insanity Show

Think back to ten years ago. Were you having the same conversations with your recruiters, the same arguments with your leaders, the same tensions with hiring managers?
You know what they say about doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result.
That's why I am launching this special podcast series: bringing together some of the smartest people inside and outside the talent acquisition profession to help us all do something meaningfully different so we can recruit and hire better.

Recent Episodes

April 2, 2024

Way More Than A Checked Box - Tara Turk-Haymes

To close this podcast (season? Series? Who knows!) I wanted to land with a deep conversation about something complex and complicated: The intersection of DEIB and employer branding. Joining me is Tara Turk-Haynes of Equity A…
March 26, 2024

Perspective Across All of Talent Acquisition - Shane Gray

I wish all vendor-side folks were more like Shane: Taking advantage of all the conversations they have with different sized companies and industries to create something that is hard to develop within a single company: perspe…
March 19, 2024

The Hard (and Valuable) Work of Recruiting - Joel Lalgee

No recruiter (who was any good) has ever said recruiting is easy. While that's usually framed as a compliant, The Realest Recruiter Joel Lalgee sees it another way. To Joel, recruiting is hard because it is complex, fraught …
March 12, 2024

How organizations actually change - Bud Caddell

It's been said everyone wants change, but no one wants to change. That's as true for organizations as it is for individuals. So if we are going to change how our companies recruit and hire, it will serve us well to think abo…
March 5, 2024

Challengers, the 95/5 Rule, and the Intersection of Consumer and Employer Brands: Faisal Siddiqui

Don't let the fact that Faisal Siddiqui, founder and chief strategy office of Creative Business Company, is a brander's brander. This is a fun conversation on the nature of branding in the modern age. You only have to liste…
Feb. 27, 2024

Talent Acquisition Is the Beating Heart of Any Business - Chad Sowash

Chad Sowash has a bone to pick with you. No, it doesn't involve TA tech, bourbon, or bonehead things that CEOs do. It is the fact that talent acquisition has been convinced that it is nothing more than cost center, a functio…