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The Definition of Insanity Show

The Definition of Insanity Show

Think back to ten years ago. Were you having the same conversations with your recruiters, the same arguments with your leaders, the same tensions with hiring managers?
You know what they say about doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result.
That's why I am launching this special podcast series: bringing together some of the smartest people inside and outside the talent acquisition profession to help us all do something meaningfully different so we can recruit and hire better.

Recent Episodes

Feb. 27, 2024

Talent Acquisition Is the Beating Heart of Any Business - Chad Sowash

Chad Sowash has a bone to pick with you. No, it doesn't involve TA tech, bourbon, or bonehead things that CEOs do. It is the fact that talent acquisition has been convinced that it is nothing more than cost center, a functio…
Feb. 20, 2024

Rory Sutherland: Sunk costs, super chickens, and satisficing

Rory Sutherland is the vice chairman of Ogilvy UK, a TED speaker, and author of Alchemy, and I guarantee he will change how you see your world. I got the chance to talk to him about the weird world of talent acquisition, rec…
Feb. 13, 2024

The Hidden Disconnect: Candidates and Companies At Odds (with Jasmine Bina)

There is a fundamental disconnect between how prospects, candidates and employees think and feel, and the way companies communicate with them. It's a disconnect we see every day in the form of frustrated candidates, less ret…
Feb. 6, 2024

Strategy Is For Everyone, Even Talent Acquisition (with Alex M H Smith)

Talent acquisition and recruiting like to say they have a strategy, but really... they don't. And I understand why. Strategy is complex. Messy. You need an MBA to do it. Right? Meet Alex M H Smith of BasicArts. His new book,…
Jan. 15, 2024

Trailer - A sneak peak inside 'The Definition of Insanity' Podcast

The world keeps changing. The internet. Google. Social media. Mobile. Chatbots. WFH. AI. But recruiting still feels like it's stuck in 2002. I still hear TA leaders arguing about the value of "mobile apply." Really?! At the …