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Feb. 24, 2023

Rejuvenating the WPPI show, with George Varanakis

Rejuvenating the WPPI show, with George Varanakis
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Gary Pageau of the Dead Pixels Society talked with George Varanakis, strategic advisor of the Photo Group, part of the Emerald Exhibitions company. Varanakis started his industry career at WPPI/Rangefinder and was among the team that built WPPI into must-attend photography event. Now, after a sojourn into video-streaming and education startup, he’s returned to WPPI. In this interview, Varanakis shares the challenges and opportunities for growing events in post-COVID market.WPPI is part of the Photo X network of brands, which include the Rangefinder publication and education and community with The Portrait System powered by Sue Bryce, The Portrait Masters and The Wedding School.

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Produced by Gary Pageau
Edited byOlivia Pageau