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Feb. 16, 2023

Learning to love email marketing, with Kendra Corman

Learning to love email marketing, with Kendra Corman
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Gary Pageau of the Dead Pixels Society talks with marketer Kendra Corman. In this interview, Corman talks about ways businesses can build their email lists and create content that engages customers and builds relationships. Corman has more than 15 years of marketing experience working with one of the top brands in the world all the way down to solopreneurs just starting out. Her passion is making sure that marketing expertise is affordable and accessible to all businesses.

For more information, take her quiz at https://kendracorman.com/quiz. This quiz helps people understand their email list-building style and provides them with actionable information they can use to grow their list and create engaging email newsletters. 

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Produced by Gary Pageau
Edited byOlivia Pageau