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April 16, 2022

Growing volume industry leadership with David Crandall and Tim McCain

Growing volume industry leadership with David Crandall and Tim McCain

Gary Pageau of the Dead Pixels Society talks with David Crandall, executive director of the School Photographers of America, and Tim McCain, CRO of ImageQuix/PhotoLynx to discuss the importance of the upcoming MVP and SPOA conferences for the volume photography industry. Crandall and McCain talk about the importance of leadership development in the business world and how the MVP and SPOA conferences differ from other photo industry events.

The Mastering Volume Photography (MVP) conference, June 8=9, is an experiential event bringing together a broad range of industry professionals in the volume photography market.

The SPOA International Conference on School Photography and Yearbooks will be held June 9-11, in Houston, Texas. The conference is built to unite the industry and have every person leaving knowing the impact they make on schools, children, and families across the world.  

Dead Pixels Society listeners can get $10 off their conference registration with the promo code: Pixel10

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