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Oct. 15, 2022

Extraordinary women with cameras, with Darcy Reed

Extraordinary women with cameras, with Darcy Reed

Gary Pageau of the Dead Pixels Society talks with Darcy Reed, author of the new book for children, "Extraordinary Women with Cameras: 35 Photographers Who Changed How We See the World." The book, featuring illustrations by Vanessa Perez, captures the stories of iconic female photographers, including Dorothea Lange’s haunting portraits of American history, Margaret Bourke- White’s bravery as the first female war correspondent in WWII, Florestine Perrault Collins’ influential images depicting Black life in the 1920s, and Anne Geddes’ joyful and elaborately-staged portraits of adorable babies.

Reed is a writer, editor, and actor. Her books include The College Bucket List, Disney: Ninety Years of Mickey Mouse, Wonder Woman Trivia Deck, The Photography Trivia Deck, Captain Marvel: The Tiny Book of Earth's Mightiest Hero, Extraordinary Women With Cameras, and Shakespeare: Famous Last Words.

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