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March 10, 2023

Expanding from digital printing to personalized photo, with Joe Montalbano, Advertek Printing

Expanding from digital printing to personalized photo, with Joe Montalbano, Advertek Printing
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Gary Pageau of theDead Pixels Societytalked with Joe Montalbano, co-CEO ofAdvertek Printing. In this interview, Montalbano talks about the start of the company’s digital printing business and its expansion into the personalized photo printing market. 

Founded in 1996, Advertek Inc. is one of Canada’s leading commercial printing/packaging and personalization companies. Co-CEOs Joe Montalbano and Simon Spina bought the business in 1999, three years after its founding. The company has its headquarters in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, working out of a 30,000-square-foot digital and dye-sub printing plant in nearby Brampton, Ontario, as well as a 30,000-square-foot litho and finishing plant in Vaughan, Ontario.

Mediaclip strives to continuously enhance the user experience while dramatically increasing revenue.

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Produced by Gary Pageau
Edited byOlivia Pageau
Announcer:Erin Manning