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Jan. 21, 2022

Black on Black Crime: A Panel Discussion

Black on Black Crime: A Panel Discussion

Welcome back to the podcast, I’m Jamie Baynes. For today’s episode, I’ve invited back four past guests to talk about an issue that’s impacting the lives of people not only in Richmond, but nationwide: Black on Black crime. The panel and I talk about what they think is the root cause for it, what can be done to prevent it and why no one wants to talk about it openly. Listen to our discussion and let me know what you think, then give me some feedback on the following questions:

 Do you agree or disagree with what we talked about? Do you think it’s racist to even talk about Black on Black crime, and if so, why? Do you think it’s racist to say that all lives matter? Can Black people be racist or is racism reserved for white people only? 

Until we, as a society, can have open conversations about race and address real problems within the community, all we’re doing is just ignoring a catastrophic cycle of people being killed while some politicians and activists make excuses and promises that amount to nothing more than pandering for more power. It’s time to stop ignoring the problem and work together to find the solution. 

I’d like to thank Kim Drake, Nikki Bailey, Joe Fultz and Reggie Allen lefor coming back to the podcast and having the courage to talk about Black on Black crime and not mince words. I hope to have them all again.

Take care of one another and thanks for listening.