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September 16, 2021

84: Jay vs 500k

Discussion about Donda vs CLB, Toxic fans and Dinner with Jay-Z or 500 thousand dollars. I actually stayed on topic this week I hope its not a trend.

March 19, 2021

83: Tryin to catch these hands...

Barbershop discussion about Marry and Meghan, how I got my first vaccination and Kirk Franklin. As usual, it goes hilariously sideway.

February 19, 2021

82: What is a meme stock?

Barbershop discussion about meme stocks, what happened with GME, what the hell is a short and of course it goes sideways. Audio

February 05, 2021

81: I love Red Lobster

Barbershop discussion about our favorite restaurants as a kid, New York style Pizza, and Kevonstage being big time. As usual it goes completely sideways

January 29, 2021

80: I need a Diet Coke Button

Barbershop discussion about the former President's Diet Coke Button and we talk about being openly black and as always the conversation goes sideways. Audio

January 22, 2021

79: Capitol Riots

Barbershop discussion about the Capitol Riots, we discuss our thoughts on the January 6th Capitol Riots and how blue lives don't matter as much as we thought and I come up with the laziest name every for a podcasting episode. Audio...

January 15, 2021

78: Vaccination or Naw?

Barbershop discussion about the COVID vaccine, we discuss if we would take the vaccination or not and of course it goes completely off the rails as it normally does. Listen to all our episodes at

January 05, 2021

77: Master Peas and Rice

Barbershop discussion about Master P's attempt to buy Reebok and racism in the porn industry. Join us in the laughter and discussion

December 18, 2020

76: Burkin Bags cost how much?

Barbershop discussion about Birkin Bags, Obama's comments on rappers and defunding the police and the Ball Brothers. Join us and enjoy the discussion and laughter. Podcast Links

December 04, 2020

75: Full Lockdown feat Raw And Uncut Podcast

We discuss everything from the California lockdown, to Conceal Carry, to hobby lobby and so much more, Join us in the laugher and discussion Raw and Uncut Podcast Podcast links: Please...

November 20, 2020

74: Election foolishness

Barbershop discussion about the 2020 presidential election, we discuss Trump, the senate race in North Carolina and all the foolishness going on. Podcast Links

October 23, 2020

73: Gettin' Played

Barbershop discussion about Ice Cube, Trump and his taxes before going completely off script with a story about a questionable church. Podcast Links

October 16, 2020

72: Full Seinfeld

Barbershop discussion about President Debates, football and rona then it of course goes completely off the rails as we discuss everything that pops up. Podcast Links

September 25, 2020

71: Billionaire Dreams

Barbershop discussion ft The Assorted Goods Podcast about Amazon and Jeff Bezos and what responsibly does he have to the community? We also interview Assorted Goods about their new podcast F**kin Eh Podcast Assorted Goods

September 18, 2020

70: Going off Script

Barbershop discussion with OTR Mike from the Off the Record Podcast, we discuss southern hole in the wall restaurants, We interview OTR Mike and he discuss all the moves their amazing Podcast is making. We also discuss Crossover Media and their...

September 11, 2020

69: What is Black Ownership?

Barbershop discussion with featured guest Delvin Cox from The Delvin Cox Experience. We discuss Joe Budden Podcast leaving Spotify, his disagreement with Charlemagne and what it means to own your creative work. Next we interview Delvin Cox and get...

September 04, 2020

68: We need some good news..

Barbershop discussion about the passing of Chadwich Boseman and the on going story with Jacob Blake, Kyle Rittenhouse and the civil unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

August 28, 2020

67: Who going to the movies?

Barbershop discussion starts with one of our friends going to the movies and turns in to a discussion over doctors and their treatment of minority patients. Next we have a discussion about Kimberly Klacik and her commercial about the state of...