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The Critter Shed

The Critter Shed

If you like learning about the weird and wonderful side of nature - about things like spider sex, venom-packing frogs, or mind-controlling parasites, and more - then this is the podcast for you!
Oh, and it's in a shed.

Recent Episodes

Wildlife Saviours

Oct. 19, 2021

Ireland's amazing wildlife hospital


Aug. 10, 2021

Collie and Colette visit a local pond in search the elusive dragonfly larvae.

Ponds, Quails and Duck Tales

June 7, 2021

We enter the wilds of the Co. Wicklow countryside on the east coast of Ireland to visit Collie's new home. We find out how to build a very simple pond to attract amphibians, and there...

Science Nature

On the Trail of the Thylacine

April 5, 2021

An extinction story.

Of Mice and (Wo)Men

March 13, 2021

A peek into the private lives of one of our oldest companions, the mouse.