May 23, 2023

Building Technology With Infinite Scale

Building Technology With Infinite Scale
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Episode 52: Alex Lieberman (@businessbarista) chats with Brett Adcock (@adcock_brett), founder of Vettery, Archer, and Figure. Figure is a cutting edge AI robotics company developing a general purpose humanoid robot to provide labor for undesirable and unsafe jobs. From the successes of his former businesses, Brett continues his entrepreneurial venture towards fixing the human labor shortage. There are many assumptions about AI robotics and Brett disspells some of them, namely, general purpose robots may be closer than we think. 



(00:44): Intro

(08:01): Vettery, first startup

(09:37): Origins of Archer

(14:52): The process of selling a business

(25:25): The founding of Figure

(30:52): Making humanoid robotics possible

(39:00): A culture built around the mission

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