The Crazy Ones

The Crazy Ones

Founders, friends and fellow builders Alex Lieberman & Jesse Pujji know what it is to be a founder. The irrational confidence, relentless grind and creative ecstasy needed to build something. In this show, they dole out unfiltered opinions and advice on how to build businesses, and how the current state of the world helps or hurts founders.

Recent Episodes

This Content Agency Will Change The Game for Founders

March 30, 2023

Episode 37: Founders, what if you could hire an agency that could write text-based content for your business? While there are plenty of services that help you with short-form videos, which is also important, text-based platf…

How To Die…With Zero

March 29, 2023

Episode 36: Alex Lieberman ( @businessbarista ) brings you a special Wednesday edition of Founder’s Journal to share lessons from Bill Perkins’ Die with Zero . It’s a playbook on how to live life by maximizing enjoyment vs. …

The Business Behind Conferences + Embracing Confrontation

March 28, 2023

Episode 35: Alex Lieberman ( @businessbarista ) and Jesse Pujji ( @jspujji ) look at the people behind some of the biggest business conferences today. If Alex and Jesse could start their own conference, what kind would it be…

The Art of Scrappiness

March 23, 2023

Episode 34: Are you spending too much time on things that aren’t really growing your business? Alex Lieberman ( @businessbarista ) shares his take on the pros and cons of being a scrappy entrepreneur. Some of the common pitf…

Rolex Is A Nonprofit + When To Disrupt Your Own Business

March 21, 2023

Episode 33: Alex Lieberman ( @businessbarista ) and Jesse Pujji ( @jspujji ) do another round of High, Low, Buffalo to catch up. Jesse shares how he’s been able to disrupt his meetings at Kahani to make them much more effici…

How To Get Your Initial Customers

March 16, 2023

Episode 32 Founder’s Journal: Alex Lieberman ( @businessbarista ) shares his experience and tips on how to acquire your first group of customers, whether that be 100 or 1,000. First, he talks about the early stages of Mornin…