The 'Mostly" Conscious Late Night Show with Scott Brandon Hoffman, (AKA "Brandon AF"), is a brand new, innovative and transformational talk, variety, AND entertainment show for the Soul. It's like Oprah, Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, and SNL had a baby, (try not to picture that). 🤣

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Nov. 16, 2020

Welcome to " The Conscious Late Night Show," this is the intro/trailer that will give you ALL the details of our NEW transformational talk, variety, and entertainment show. It's like Oprah, Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, and SNL had a…

About the Hosts

Scott Brandon Hoffman (AKA

Scott Brandon Hoffman (AKA "Brandon AF")

Scott's a multi-hyphenate artist, entertainer, entrepreneur, speaker, and visionary thought leader.

He's a singer, songwriter, spoken word poet, modern day philosopher, and comedian who empowers, entertains, and blows the lid off the status quo and speaks TRUTH and LOVE into people all across the world.

Scott's the Host and Creator of The Conscious Late Night Show And Podcast and Founder of Soul Rebel Studios, a Transformational Entertainment and Media Company, who's mission is to help empower people to wake up and REMEMBER who they REALLY are in a Cool, Hip, and Fun Way.