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In this special episode, we talk with Ukrainian rock singer Dima Afanasyev who has been surviving and thriving during unimaginably stressful circumstances. His story, and the stories of many other Ukrainians, are inspiring examples of how to stay...

Don't miss this remarkable and real-time conversation with Ukrainian rock singer Dima Afanasyev from his Kyiv living room. He has been surviving and thriving during unimaginably stressful circumstances. His story, and the stories of many other Ukrainians, are inspiring and instructive examples of how to stay strong during extreme adversity and everyday challenges. This is a powerful portrait of resilience, complete with Dima's awesome cover of CCR's Who'll Stop The Rain.

About Guest Dima Afanasyev

Dima is a Ukrainian musician and record producer, founder and frontman of the band Sinoptik. Originally from Donetsk, which was occupied by Russia, he left his native city together with his family in 2014 and moved to Kyiv.
Sinoptik is a Ukrainian rock power trio who won “The world's best rock band” in the 2016 Global Battle of the Bands,  and the only independent Ukrainian band who rocked the 80,000-seat Olympics Stadium in Kiev.  Uriah Heep, Marilyn Manson, Within Temptation, Jinjer are among the rock music giants who noticed Sinoptik and invited them as special guests to share the stage.
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About Host Jordan Friedman

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