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Essential insights delivered with authenticity and clarity!

We all benefit from learning and being reminded of simple ways to manage and respond to stress…and we may need that now more than ever! Jordan’s instantly applicable tips and insightful guests make this a valuable listen.

Part 2

Love this episode! Jordan’s voice alone makes me feel calm! It’s helpful to remember that we all are coping with similar feelings in these challenging times, and hear how others cope. The common sense strategies shared are incredibly helpful, from limiting the news to five minutes/day, to daily walks and morning meditation routines. I also enjoyed the breathing exercise, and am always delighted by Jordan’s profoundly fitting quotes. This one is a must listen!

Pathways to positivity

I stumbled upon this podcast earlier today, and am completely gripped by the interviews and and the resonating messages of positivity that they offer. The humanity and empathy behind host Jordan Friedman’s interviews are just phenomenal. In a world where stress and anxiety have insidiously become an expected part of day-to-day life, The Chill Factory offers alternative takes that are inspiring and optimistic.

Fresh and always interesting and helpful

There are so many podcasts out there, but this one is unique - eclectic, always interesting and wise guests and a host who knows how to ask the right questions. It’s potent too. Lots shared in a short span of time.

Inspiring and centering podcast

The Chill Factory is my new favorite podcast. These 20-minutes of pure genius audio take you on a ride of inspiration, centering you, and actionable steps forward. The guests come from an array of backgrounds and experiences with the host Jordan giving the podcast a consistent thread of healing and joy. Five stars!

A beautiful, healing resource that keeps on giving

I highly recommend this podcast to anyone and everyone who wants to simply feel better, and wishes for more ease, joy, connection (to themselves and others) and more fulfillment - in life, work and their relationships. Every time I listen, I come away feeling not only more physically and emotionally centered, but inspired with new tips and strategies that help me navigate challenges I'm facing in a new and better way. Thank you for this beautiful podcast and for the varied and inspiring guests you feature!

A Podcast Unlike Any Other

I’ve listened to many podcasts that focus on reducing stress and anxiety, but The Chill Factory is unlike any other. The topics/episodes cover such unique ways of dealing with stress in our lives through amazing subject expert speakers. I leave each episode feeling a bit more equipped with a stronger emotional toolbox that’s so useful in many areas of my life. I find Jordan’s calming voice such an added bonus; I literally feel my anxiety levels coming down as the episodes progress. He conducts his discussions with each guest in a way that leaves you feeling less anxious and more hopeful. A true gift of a podcast!

Helpful tips to help kids with depression

Excellent discussion about the rise of anxiety and depression amongst college students, with useful tips on how to identify issues and open up a conversation that can prevent suicide. The reference to Jaime Raskin’s tragic story is so telling. Thank you Jordan and Todd for putting this information out there.


The podcast on friends and friendship was illuminating and very interesting. Questions and answers were pertinent and well connected. I will contact more of my friends.

Could Not Come At a Better Time!

I love listening to The Chill Factory because I always come away being inspired, feeling calmer and hopeful. Stress has been at an all-time high these past couple of years for all of us. When Jordan asked me to be a guest for his first episode of the year I jumped at the chance to spend some time sharing on how to stay focused on what is most important in a compassionate and easy way. We all need to make The Chill Factory a regular hangout! Thanks for creating this awesome space, Jordan!


This podcast is intended to increase your chances of finding balance in your week. Every conversation with the different experts will leave you a new strategy to fight stress. Congratulations.

Great new podcast!

So glad that I happened upon this podcast! It’s informative and entertaining and tackles issues that are timely! Love the tips to reduce stress.

Everyone needs what this factory is producing!

Perfect timing for this podcast. My favorite part: Jordan Friedman says “We get right to the point.” Who has time for a 10 minute intro about what’s going to happen.