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Play The Long Game (Part 1)

June 23, 2022

You probably have ideas and dreams about what you want to do and where you want to be in the future, but do you have a long-term plan for getting there? Dorie Clark, author of the new bestseller The Long Game, says you defin…

Am I Really Good Enough?

June 16, 2022

How much is your progress and happiness dictated by voices in your head telling you that you don't quite have what it takes to realize your ideas and goals? Guest Denise Jacobs raises our awareness of these inner critics, an…

Smarter Stress Reduction (Part 2)

June 9, 2022

Reducing stress at the White House, a "circular" way to breathe, and wisdom for dealing with today's firehose of stressors, are in Part 2 of Jordan's conversation with stress management guru Brian Luke Seaward. Be sure to li…

Smarter Stress Reduction (Part 1)

June 2, 2022

Wisdom wins the day throughout this two-part conversation with stress management guru Brian Luke Seaward. For the first time since they hung out in college 35 years ago, Luke and host Jordan Friedman chat about everything fr…

Sonic Tonic

May 26, 2022

It's one of life's greatest artforms and stress reducers. In response to tragic events in the US and other places in need of some pease, this week's guest is music. Before Jordan spins tracks from The Chill Factory app, he r…

Rockin' Resilience

May 12, 2022

In this special episode, we talk with Ukrainian rock singer Dima Afanasyev who has been surviving and thriving during unimaginably stressful circumstances. His story, and the stories of many other Ukrainians, are inspiring e…

A Way to Be Happier at Work

May 5, 2022

Whether it's online or in person, do you bring yourself to the office? Return guest William Arruda, the world authority on personal branding, tells us what that means, suggests ways to do it, and explains why it makes us mor…

Pursuing a Dream

April 28, 2022

Do you have an idea, hobby, or passion that you've wanted to pursue? Will you ever do anything with it? When unfulfilled, these interests can cause us stress, especially when we're not satisfied in other areas of our lives. …

Thirtysomething Panic

April 21, 2022

Are you doing what you’ve always wanted to do? Are you where you should be in your work and personal lives? Are you bummed or panicked because the answers to those questions are, “No!” Guest and “The Thirtysomething Coach” C…

Leaders Should Chill!

April 14, 2022

Is it really a leader's responsibility to reduce the stress of their colleagues, students and communities? And if it is, where do you start in a world full of seemingly endless challenges? Executive coach and leadership expe…

Best of The Chill Factory So Far

April 7, 2022

Like an awesome greatest hits album, this episode of The Chill Factory showcases especially motivating, perspective-setting and moving clips from our first 20 episodes, including a passions reality check, apps that drag you …

What's Holding You Back?

March 31, 2022

Do you second guess yourself? Do you get the respect you deserve? Are you hiding any 'dirty little secrets'? Career and leadership expert Kathy Caprino says your answers reveal whether you have power gaps that are holding yo…

Silent For a Month

March 24, 2022

Do you think you could be silent for a whole day? What about for a week? How about a whole month? Tai Bendit just returned from a 30-day silent retreat and he talks with Jordan Friedman about why he did it, what he discovere…

Explaining Ukraine to Kids

March 17, 2022

Why are they bombing those people? Will we have to move, too? Is there going to be a nuclear war? Kids are stressed and anxious about the invasion of Ukraine just like adults, and Jordan Friedman talks with psychologist Aman…

Coping With the Stress of Ukraine

March 10, 2022

As the catastrophic invation of Ukraine unfolds before our eyes, many far from the conflict are, worried, outraged and unable to sleep. Jordan Friedman talks with psychologist Cassie Haas about ways to think about, limit and…

What's Your Story?

March 3, 2022

Do you use stories to make friends, get remembered, impress professionally and feel more valued? Jordan Friedman talks with storytelling CEO Jerome Deroy about why and how to tell stories to enliven all areas of your life. J…

Breaking News Stress

Feb. 24, 2022

Is your news consumption unnecessarily triggering your stress response... and are you even aware of it? Jordan Friedman talks with veteran TV news anchor and reporter Karen Friedman about how the news is made, its connection…

Worried About My Younger Kid

Feb. 17, 2022

The US Surgeon General just sounded the alarm: we’re in a mental health crisis when it comes to our kids. How do you know if your younger kid or adolescent is doing okay, even if everything seems fine? Jordan Friedman talks …

Chill Aging

Feb. 10, 2022

You are getting older, but don't feel unhappy or pressured by it because aging today is full of really exciting opportunities and possibilities. Jordan Friedman talks with economist and aging focused health and wellness coac…

Soothing Music Man

Feb. 3, 2022

Experience composer and musician Adi Goldstein's serene sonic creations while Jordan Friedman talks with him about the making of his new album Emergent Circuitry, the chill ambient music genre and the three drivers of his re…

Worried About My College Kid

Jan. 27, 2022

The depression and suicide stats for 10-24 year olds are sobering. This episode is must-listen for families and friends of kids in college because it gives you words and guidance if you are worried about their mental health.…

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