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Especially For Parents Episodes

These episodes cover topics connected to kids, parenting and school.
Especially For Parents

Explaining Ukraine to Kids

March 17, 2022

Why are they bombing those people? Will we have to move, too? Is there going to be a nuclear war? Kids are stressed and anxious about the invasion of Ukraine just like adults, and Jordan Friedman talks with psychologist Aman…

Especially For Parents

Worried About My College Kid

Jan. 27, 2022

The depression and suicide stats for 10-24 year olds are sobering. This episode is must-listen for families and friends of kids in college because it gives you words and guidance if you are worried about their mental health.…

Especially For Coaches Especially For Parents

Understand Trauma to Make Life Easier

Dec. 23, 2021

A Conversation That Will Help You and Many Others