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Is your news consumption unnecessarily triggering your stress response... and are you even aware of it? Jordan Friedman talks with veteran TV news anchor and reporter Karen Friedman about how the news is made, its connection to your stress and anxiety...

Is your news consumption unnecessarily triggering your stress response... and are you even aware of it? Jordan Friedman talks with veteran TV news anchor and reporter Karen Friedman about how the news is made, its connection to your stress and anxiety levels, and how to make your intake of current events less stress producing. Jordan then asks for a favor that will benefit all of us.

Listen if you want:

  • Reasons why the news is so “negative”
  • Simple ways to bust news stress
  • 3 important ingredients for being a better, less nervous presenter
  • An easy way to use The Chill Factory podcast to help you and others feel better right now

About Karen Friedman

 Karen is a business communications expert whose techniques to help leaders influence and communicate more effectively have been applied on four continents. Author of the best-selling book ‘Shut Up and Say Something’ (Praeger Publishing), and Ordinary People: Extraordinary Lessons, she heads Karen Friedman Enterprises, Inc. which has been teaching professionals how to become more compelling communicators for over two decades.

Following a prestigious career as an award-winning television news journalist in major markets including Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Huntsville, Alabama and a short stop at the BBC in London, in 1996 Karen launched Karen Friedman Enterprises. Her expertise was instantly recognized by former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton who tapped Karen to provide media and political training for women in South and Central America. 

Since then, her firm has worked across industries with the world’s top global companies to prepare professionals for presentations, high-profile media interviews, mergers and acquisitions, investor meetings, product launches and recalls, FDA hearings, panel discussions and more. As a seasoned executive coach, Karen works closely with professionals to help them hone their leadership abilities, manage difficult situations and improve interpersonal skills.  

Karen is adjunct faculty at Smith College’s executive education programs for women where she teaches leadership communications.  In addition, she hosts the popular Internet TV and radio series Speaking Of on ReachMD which helps health care professionals improve their communication skills.  

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About Host Jordan Friedman

Jordan is known as The Stress Coach, a career path that likely started when one of the world’s largest brain tumors was discovered in his head at age 10. The resulting, nonstop stress continued through college until he reluctantly enrolled in a stress management class that led to much less stress, a degree in public health, a job as Columbia University’s health education director and now a career as a global stress management speaker, trainer and author. For 25 years, Jordan's been privileged to help and learn from 9/11 survivors, teachers, CEOs, police officers, incarcerated adults, students and lots of other stressed people who want to be more successful, get better grades, sleep easier and be healthier.

In 2004, Jordan founded The Stress Coach to provide innovative workshops, multimedia webinars, chill apps, online courses and more stress-relief opportunities. The Chill Factory podcast is Jordan's latest effort to bring stress relief and better health to the world.