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Be Yourself, It's Better for Your Health

December 01, 2021

Be Yourself, It's Better for Your Health
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Using Your Personal Brand to be Happier at Work

"Be yourself!" We hear this advice all the time, but what the heck does it really mean and how does doing so reduce stress and boost success? Jordan finds out from William Arruda, Earth's most qualified person to answer thanks to his 20 years as the world's leading expert in personal branding. William provides options for uncovering your personal brand and explains why personal branding isn't marketing, imitating Oprah or counter to your employer's interests. After William leaves the Factory floor, Jordan rolls out some of his favorite questions for learning about yourself and others.

Episode Highlights

  • A clear explanation of, and rationale for, personal branding
  • How being yourself makes you happier at work
  • A personal brand success story that didn't seem possible
  • Vital ingredients in building your brand, including on Zoom
  • Access to a free, fun and awesome personal branding resource
  • Great questions for learning about yourself, your next date or anyone

Guest William Arruda's Bio and Resources

William Arruda is a dynamic motivational speaker and the world’s leading authority on the topic of personal branding. His live and virtual keynotes, learning experiences, and innovative programs have inspired millions of professionals to nix conformity and uncover their unique personal brand so they can deliver greater value to their company and have infinitely more fun at work. William is the author of the best-selling Career Distinction, Ditch, Dare, Do and Digital You, as well as a senior contributing writer for Forbes.

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