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About The Chill Factory

No ‘calming moose milk scrubs’ or ‘finding your truth in crystals’ here, just lots of concrete ways to make your life less stressed and more enjoyable. In each episode, Jordan Friedman, a 25-year pioneer of stress and anxiety management education—including as director of Columbia University’s health education program—talks with compelling experts and provides a variety of rapid relaxers for you, your family and colleagues.

About the Host

Jordan Friedman, aka The Stress Coach Profile Photo

Jordan Friedman, aka The Stress Coach

Founder and Chief Chill Officer

Stress grabbed my attention when one of the world’s largest brain tumors was discovered in my head shortly after my 10th birthday. A stress-case all the way through college, I reluctantly enrolled in a stress management class that led to much less stress, a degree in public health, a job as Columbia University’s health education director and now a career as a global stress management speaker, trainer and author. For 25-years, I’ve been privileged to help and learn from 9/11 survivors, teachers, CEOs, police officers, incarcerated adults, students and lots of other stressed people who want to be more successful, get better grades, sleep easier and just feel better.

In 2004, I founded The Stress Coach to provide engaging workshops, multimedia webinars, chill apps, online courses and more stress-relief opportunities. The Chill Factory podcast is my latest effort to bring stress relief and better health to the world.

After graduating from the University of Maryland where I took that first stress management class, I moved to peaceful New York City which is where I wrote The Stress Manager’s Manual, co-authored The Go Ask Alice Book Of Answers, and where my great-grandfather invented the reversible garment 100 years ago.

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