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The Business Machine

The Business Machine

Mark Howard is an Intuitive Business Coach with over 20 years of experience in helping elevate businesses towards success. The Business Machine is an innovative podcast that aims to assist entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals with growth in a variety of ways. Join Mark as he shares his unique, psychic medium abilities to motivate listeners towards developing their strengths to identify and mitigate weaknesses. Whether you’re a professional struggling to earn a promotion or an entrepreneur unsure of your next move, this podcast will set you on a lucrative path to success. Find time in your day to alter your perspective and ignite your curiosity.

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Confessions from a Dating App Predator

Aug. 17, 2022

Some years ago I got the chance to interview a man who was open to how he uses online dating apps to manipulate women for sex. The processes he used are very disturbing and I'm sure I did not get all of what he was doing, bu…

How to create a digital product

Aug. 11, 2022

Digital products are an extremely popular way to share and consume new information. They come in many different formats and are ideal for business owners who want to consider a new revenue stream or widen their existing audi…

How to stand out in the search results

Aug. 4, 2022

How to stand out in the search results What makes someone click on a search result? Getting on to the first page of the search results is the ultimate goal for any business that is carrying out an SEO campaign. But how do yo…

6 signs your website might be outdated

July 26, 2022

There comes a time when every business owner starts to wonder if they need to update or refresh their website. This could be through necessity, such as a lack of leads or sales. It could come through a design looking “tired”…

5 Elements That Make Your Facebook Ad Successful

July 22, 2022

Facebook advertising is still one of the best and most cost-effective to do. The fact that you can really drill down on your potential client demographics, allows your business to get in front of the right people, but what a…

9 Tips To Building A Relationship With Your Email List

July 19, 2022

You are building an email marketing list and sending out newsletters or even sales letters, but are you really getting the most from your list? How is your client list relationship going? Be honest are you struggling or star…