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Jan. 20, 2023

Will Thomson - Real Assets Are Like Hansel (So Hot Right Now)

Will Thomson stops by The Business Brew to discuss his approach to real asset investing. Will focuses on companies that happen to produce commodities and/or real assets. That said, he is looking to exploit company/project s...

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Jan. 12, 2023

Thomas Ricketts, CFA - Investing in Innovation

Thomas Ricketts, CFA, joins the pod to discuss his investment philosophy. This episode focuses on an investment style that, according to Bill's perception, seeks to identify change and innovation before the market identifies...

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Dec. 29, 2022

Henry Reardon - Asymmetric Contrarian

Henry Reardon, aka @integrity4mkts on Twitter, joins the podcast to discuss his investment philosophy. The conversation starts by discussing his Carvana short thesis then goes into his general investing philosophy. The conver...

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Dec. 22, 2022

Jake Taylor - Improve Your Decisions

Jake Taylor stops by The Business Brew to discuss his new product Journalytic. Journalytic is a software designed to help investors improve their process and decision making. Clear thinking and decision making has been a pa...

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Dec. 15, 2022

John McClain - Opportunities in Credit

John McClain, CFA stops by The Business Brew for a discussion about credit. John serves as a portfolio manager for the Brandywine Global’s High Yield and Corporate Credit Strategies. In this episode John makes the case for wh...

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Dec. 8, 2022

Bob Robotti - Searching For Improving Industries

Bob stops by The Business Brew to discuss his early career, what he has learned over his career, investing in cyclical businesses/industries, and his biggest investment "loser." This conversation is filled with good lessons ...

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Nov. 24, 2022

Cullen Roche - Why Macro Matters

Cullen Roche is the Founder of Discipline Funds. Discipline Funds is a low fee financial advisory and asset management firm. Prior to establishing his own business, Mr. Roche founded his own investment partnership in 2005 aft...

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Nov. 16, 2022

Craig Moffett - A True Expert

Craig Moffett has covered the telecommunications industry – first as a management consultant and later as a Wall Street analyst – for more than thirty years. He has been elected to Institutional Investor Magazine’s All-Americ...

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Nov. 10, 2022

Mark Newfield - Keep Going!

Mark started his professional work life as a consultant with Accenture, where he helped clients for 14 years. He founded his advisory business in 2005, and in 2022 joined Journey Strategic wealth through a merger of his firm ...

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Nov. 3, 2022

Matt Cochrane - Moats and More

Matt Cochrane (@Matt_Cochrane7 on Twitter) stops by The Business Brew to discuss his investment philosophy, how it’s evolved over the past few years, Big Tech, and more. Matt is a police officer with a passion for investing. ...

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Oct. 28, 2022

Alex Morris - TSOH Returns

This episode features Alex Morris of TSOH Investment Research. You can find his Substack at https://substack.com/profile/10489671-the-science-of-hitting . In this episode, Alex and Bill have a casual conversation; mostly ab...

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Oct. 14, 2022

Daniel Needham - Multi Asset Investing

Daniel Needham, CFA, stops by The Business Brew for a wide ranging discussion. Daniel is a wealth of knowledge. He is president of Morningstar’s Wealth Management Solutions, which includes software and aggregation capabilitie...

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Sept. 29, 2022

Kyle Mowery - Uncovering Hidden Growth Engines

Kyle Mowery, Founder & Portfolio Manager at GrizzlyRock Capital stops by The Business Brew to discuss his investment philosophy. Kyle is a traditional value investor that tends to focus on smaller, cyclical companies. In th...

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Sept. 22, 2022

Marc Cohodes - An Independent Investor

Marc Cohodes' (@AlderLaneEggs on Twitter) LinkedIn profile describes him as the "Head Bull Fighter at Alder Lane Farm." He is a well known short seller, but in this episode he discusses how he thinks about his long positions...

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Sept. 15, 2022

Evan Tindell - Where Poker and The Market Collide

Evan Tindell joins The Business Brew to discuss how his background as a poker player influences his investing philosophy, how he got started in the business, and he drops some knowledge about shorting. Bill reached out to Eva...

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Aug. 18, 2022

Scott Reardon - Study The Greats

Scott Reardon, Portfolio Manager at Dakon Capital, Author of The Dark Continent series and Bonfire of the Beasts, stops by The Business Brew to chat about what he learned from the greatest investors of all time (and other thi...

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July 28, 2022

Be Back Soon

Just a quick message to let you know Bill is on vacation with his family, but episodes of the Business Brew will return in a few weeks.

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July 22, 2022

Chadd Garcia - The Intersection of Returns and Morals

Chadd Garcia hosted the The Business Brew for this conversation. Chadd runs the Ave Maria Focused Fund, which is a non-diversified mutual fund (ticker: AVEAX). His portfolio holding are eclectic. Some themes you will see ...

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July 7, 2022

Vitaliy Katsenelson

Title - Vitaliy Katsenelson -Soul In The Game Description - Vitaliy Katsenelson stops by The Business Brew to discuss investing and his new book; Soul In The Game (see https://soulinthegame.net/). Vitaliy is an amazing wri...

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July 1, 2022

Tom Morgan - The Most Interesting Man in Finance

Tom Morgan stops by The Business Brew for a wide-ranging conversation. Tom is the Director of Content and Communications at The KCP Group. His writings can be found at https://thekcpgroup.com/insights . Tom describes himse...

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June 23, 2022

William Green - The Man Behind The Books

William Green, best selling author and podcast host extraordinare, comes back to The Business Brew to have a very real conversation about life. William's first appearance was part of the launch of Richer, Wiser, Happier, whi...

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June 16, 2022

Jordan Noone - Rockets and Venture Capital!

Jordan Noone stops by The Business Brew to discuss his experience founding Embedded Ventures and Relativity Space. At the age of just 22 years old Jordan co-founded Relativity Space, which 3D prints rockets! Yes, rockets. ...

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June 6, 2022

BONUS: Cem Karsan - Derivatives Are The Underlying

Cem Karsan stops by The Business Brew to discuss the lens he views markets through. Cem's viewpoint is unique compared to many guests on this program because he looks at how options dealers are positioned and considers what ...

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June 2, 2022

Amanda Agati - Cautiously Optimistic

Amanda Agati stops by The Business Brew to discuss her investment outlook going forward. Amanda is Managing Director and Chief Investment Strategist for the PNC Financial Services Group. In this role, she oversees all investm...

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