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Feb. 24, 2023

Adam Wyden - Discussing The Etymology of Returns

Adam Wyden - Discussing The Etymology of Returns
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Adam Wyden, founder of ADW Capital, stops by The Business Brew to share his investing philosophy, discuss some ideas, and talk about lessons learned.  ADW is a concentrated, long biased investment partnership founded in 2010.  In this episode Adam cautions against idol worship, talks about how he monitors positions and companies, shares his thoughts on management character, and much more.  Bill's favorite line from this episode is "Invest with people that have more to lose than you do."

We hope you enjoy the show.

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Detailed Show Notes -

8:00 – Meeting Joel Greenblatt

14:45 – Lessons from Fiat

22:30 – How Ferrari could grow faster

30:30 – Adam’s background as an investor

40:40 – Pivoting to better businesses

43:00 – Being proud of admitting mistakes quickly

44:30 – Takeaways from 2022

48:00 – Where to hunt

51:50 – What is the etymology of a return?

54:00 – Monitoring a position over time

59:30 – Watch out for idol worship

1:10:30 – Once a ganef always a ganef

1:15:20 – The biggest risk is (a) investing with sociopaths and (b) becoming one

1:20:15 – A discussion about APi Group

1:30:30 – The comfort of owning assets with honorable managers