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The Business Brew

The Business Brew

The Business Brew is a long form, conversational podcast highlighting investors and business people. Our goal is to delve into the decision making process, and emotions behind those processes, to share how great minds process difficult decisions.

Please subscribe to our podcast. We will look to release an episode every 2 weeks unless there is more demand. Generally speaking, this podcast will favor quality over quantity. Release cadences may vary but that is only to protect the integrity of the show.

We hope our content is enjoyable, unique, and evergreen.

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Recent Episodes

Tom Morgan - The Most Interesting Man in Finance

July 1, 2022

Tom Morgan stops by The Business Brew for a wide-ranging conversation. Tom is the Director of Content and Communications at The KCP Group. His writings can be found at https://thekcpgroup.com/insights . Tom describes hims…

William Green - The Man Behind The Books

June 23, 2022

William Green, best selling author and podcast host extraordinare, comes back to The Business Brew to have a very real conversation about life. William's first appearance was part of the launch of Richer, Wiser, Happier, wh…

Jordan Noone - Rockets and Venture Capital!

June 16, 2022

Jordan Noone stops by The Business Brew to discuss his experience founding Embedded Ventures and Relativity Space. At the age of just 22 years old Jordan co-founded Relativity Space, which 3D prints rockets! Yes, rockets. …

BONUS: Cem Karsan - Derivatives Are The Underlying

June 6, 2022

Cem Karsan stops by The Business Brew to discuss the lens he views markets through. Cem's viewpoint is unique compared to many guests on this program because he looks at how options dealers are positioned and considers what…

Amanda Agati - Cautiously Optimistic

June 2, 2022

Amanda Agati stops by The Business Brew to discuss her investment outlook going forward. Amanda is Managing Director and Chief Investment Strategist for the PNC Financial Services Group. In this role, she oversees all invest…

Sean Stannard Stockton - Managing In a Volatile Environment

May 26, 2022

Description - Sean Stannard Stockton, President and CIO of Ensemble Capital Management, stops by The Business Brew for a repeat appearance. Sean discussed his process on his first appearance (see Season 1). In this episode …