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Lauren Clemett

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The Brand Navigator, Lauren Clemett is an International award-winning Neurobranding expert.

Told as a child that she had wordblindness and would never be able to read or write properly, she went on to become a 5 time best selling author, using her dyslexia disability as her greatest asset - helping others understand how the brain sees brands.

She has worked at leading advertising agencies and in brand management for over 30 years, helping launch hundreds of global brands and appears in worldwide media and on conference stages as the sought after branding specialist.

Lauren shares how to overcome overwhelm and get a clear direction to market and promote professional and business services, to make personal branding a walk in the park!

Dec. 14, 2022

Finding your True North in Personal Branding

In this episode, we have brand navigator expert Lauren Clemett to help you understand how the brain sees the brand. She also shares compelling stories and tips to get a clear direction on promoting your personal brand. You don't want …

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