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Karen Bonnici

Founder & CEO Moon Sonder™

Karen Bonnici's creative journey illustrates the power of passion and purpose. As the creator of the Super Blanky®, Super Towel®, and Dreamighty® by Moon Sonder™ products, her inventive spark gave rise to these patented and distinctive products that seamlessly blend comfort, self-care, and imagination. Karen’s unique creations foster creative play and offer a soothing experience, resonating with her steadfast belief in the journey of self-discovery and the embracing of individual strength.

Having initially ventured into entrepreneurship as a performer, Karen has nurtured an array of creative enterprises throughout her career. As a seasoned storyteller, musician, and teaching artist, her work intertwines narratives and melodies that engage audiences and build connections.

Guided by an entrepreneurial spirit, Karen's experience extends across art, entrepreneurship, and personal empowerment. Her journey is marked by resilience as she navigates challenges while enriching her creative pursuits. Rooted in the art of storytelling and fueled by a passion for creative entrepreneurship, Karen Bonnici infuses her pursuits with creativity and impact.

Sept. 8, 2023

Moon Sonder: The Making of a Brand

In this episode, we're joined by Karen Bonnici, an inspiring entrepreneur behind products like Super Blanky®, Super Towel®, and Dreamighty® by Moon Sonder™. Karen's journey embodies the fusion of passion and purpose, leading to patented creations that blend comfort, self-care, …

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