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Gabriel Garcia

Creative Director

Gabriel has a wife and daughter. Born in SA, but raised off and on in SC. His first career was in construction for 12 years. He then pivoted is career to be a full time photographer. He has been doing creative work for over a decade. Now he runs a creative agency called Summit Creative Group. Summit Creative Group focuses on content creation and brand strategy for different businesses, organizations and individuals who need to seen on social media or web.

Furthermore he has a heart for the community of creatives. He is also the creative director of SA Creatives, an organization that brings the community together through art and culture. They host creative meet ups and events that support creatives in multiple ways.

Oct. 6, 2023

Telling a Brand Story Through Photography

In this episode, we explore Gabriel Garcia's inspiring journey from construction to photography. Raised in both San Antonio and South Carolina, his diverse background has shaped his unique creative perspective. After a decade in construction, Gabriel made a daring switch …

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