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Moon Sonder: The Making of a Brand

In this episode, we're joined by Karen Bonnici, an inspiring entrepreneur behind products like Super Blanky®, Super Towel®, and Dreamighty® by Moon Sonder™. Karen's journey embodies the fusion of passion and purpose, leading to patented creations that blend comfort, self-care, and imagination. We explore her resilience, from her origins as a performer to her entrepreneurial endeavors.  Join us to uncover how Karen's dedication to crafting cozy, imaginative products continues to fuel her mission for a positive impact. This episode showcases the transformative force of entrepreneurship, rooted in creativity and purpose.

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Creating Offers that are "on brand"

In this episode, our guest Leslie Chasnoff shares the importance of understanding your brand value in order to build  brand loyalty and deliver the brand promise. As the San Antonio Market Director at Notley, she discusses on how to take an organization's vision for its brand and develop programs that align and carry it to success. If you are a changemaker and want to create impact brands, you can get in touch with Leslie here -