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Feliz Wean, the Making of a Brand

Join us as we host Carla Goncalves, the visionary behind Feliz Wean, a brand born out of her personal journey as a mother navigating the intricate challenges of weaning her second child. Confronted with the complexities of tantrums, ceaseless cries, and insistent demands for breastfeeding, Carla embarked on a resolute quest to discover effective solutions. She found a creative way to make weaning easier, which led to her brand's special breast binders and coverings for child-led weaning. Carla's message isn't just about breastfeeding; it's about helping moms make choices that work best for their unique journey with their child.

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Becoming the Visionary of Your Brand

In this episode, we have invited Stephanie Scheller, The Impact Authority as she shares her unique journey of mastering human psychology over a decade. She started her first business from scratch, leaving her job within five months. With experience from 5000+ companies, her passion is helping small business owners make a profound impact. Stephanie's twist? She uses the violin to explore subconscious psychology, simplifying business growth strategies and impactful marketing. As a TEDx speaker and two-time best-selling author, she's an award-winning entrepreneur. Stephanie also founded Grow Disrupt, focusing on educating ADHD small business owners. Join us to learn from her wisdom and explore her Texas Hill Country inspiration and creative passions.

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Telling a Brand Story Through Photography

In this episode, we explore Gabriel Garcia's inspiring journey from construction to photography. Raised in both San Antonio and South Carolina, his diverse background has shaped his unique creative perspective. After a decade in construction, Gabriel made a daring switch to photography, becoming a master of visual storytelling. He now leads Summit Creative Group, crafting content and brand strategies for businesses and individuals in the digital realm. Gabriel's dedication extends to fostering the creative community as the creative director of SA Creatives, uniting artists through events and support. Join us to discover how his story exemplifies the profound impact of creativity and community.

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Branding in Medicine

In this episode, we chat with Michal Waechter, a seasoned healthcare pro with a decade of San Antonio experience. She's all about healthcare, from business growth to execution. Besides her career, Michal's deeply involved in non-profits and enjoys family time. She's also the founder of Waechter Consulting Group (WCG), launched in 2017, specializing in healthcare business development. WCG tailors plans for medical practices in San Antonio and beyond, helping them boost market presence and patient numbers. Their holistic approach includes strategic planning, program development, marketing, and more. Tune in to learn how WCG helps practices grow while doctors focus on patient care.

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Moon Sonder: The Making of a Brand

In this episode, we're joined by Karen Bonnici, an inspiring entrepreneur behind products like Super Blanky®, Super Towel®, and Dreamighty® by Moon Sonder™. Karen's journey embodies the fusion of passion and purpose, leading to patented creations that blend comfort, self-care, and imagination. We explore her resilience, from her origins as a performer to her entrepreneurial endeavors.  Join us to uncover how Karen's dedication to crafting cozy, imaginative products continues to fuel her mission for a positive impact. This episode showcases the transformative force of entrepreneurship, rooted in creativity and purpose.

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Building an Impact Brand: The Blooming with Birdie Story

Join us on an exciting journey as we dive into the world of education, curiosity, and compassion with our special guest, Ashley Bird. In this episode, Ashley shares her unique experience growing up in a traditional educational model and how it inspired her to explore the transformative power of Montessori education.  Discover how Ashley's passion for learning, her love for sci-fi, and her desire to make a positive impact led her to create a captivating children's TV show called "Blooming with Birdie."  Get ready to be inspired and gain insights into fostering curiosity, self-direction, and a deep connection with the world around us. Whether you're a parent, educator, or simply curious about innovative learning approaches, this podcast episode is a must-listen.

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Finding your True North in Personal Branding

In this episode, we have brand navigator expert Lauren Clemett to help you understand how the brain sees the brand.  She also shares compelling stories and tips to get a clear direction on promoting your personal brand. You don't want to miss this episode! Check out her latest book, Finding Your Brand True North: How To Lead With Purpose, Direction And Meaning.

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Brand Strategy in Under 20 Minutes

In this solo episode, host and Brand Author founder Zahra Cruzan shares simple actionable steps to help build and create your brand. She discusses the importance of brand value and presents simple tools so you can start working on your brand strategy today.