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Feliz Wean, the Making of a Brand

Join us as we host Carla Goncalves, the visionary behind Feliz Wean, a brand born out of her personal journey as a mother navigating the intricate challenges of weaning her second child. Confronted with the complexities of tantrums, ceaseless cries, and insistent demands for breastfeeding, Carla embarked on a resolute quest to discover effective solutions. She found a creative way to make weaning easier, which led to her brand's special breast binders and coverings for child-led weaning. Carla's message isn't just about breastfeeding; it's about helping moms make choices that work best for their unique journey with their child.

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Moon Sonder: The Making of a Brand

In this episode, we're joined by Karen Bonnici, an inspiring entrepreneur behind products like Super Blanky®, Super Towel®, and Dreamighty® by Moon Sonder™. Karen's journey embodies the fusion of passion and purpose, leading to patented creations that blend comfort, self-care, and imagination. We explore her resilience, from her origins as a performer to her entrepreneurial endeavors.  Join us to uncover how Karen's dedication to crafting cozy, imaginative products continues to fuel her mission for a positive impact. This episode showcases the transformative force of entrepreneurship, rooted in creativity and purpose.

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Do you have Amazon Strategy for 2023?

In this episode, we have Amazon expert Michael Maher, owner and founder of Cartology as he shares his insightful journey in the world of e-commerce. Discover how his path led him to Amazon, realizing the untapped potential and knowledge gap on Amazon as he helps empower others to create successful Amazon businesses. You don't want to miss this episode!

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Marketing E-Com Brands

In this episode, we deep dive into different strategies on ways to start a profitable Amazon business. Meet Jason Hsieh, CEO and Chief Visionary Officer at Seller Fuel, a unique eCommerce marketing agency where their mission is to empower brands to scale and reach new milestones. If you are ready to take action and start your Amazon journey, you can get in touch with Jason here -

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Building an Amazon Brand

Amazon product sellers, this is a must-listen episode. In today's episode, I am talking with legendary Amazon marketing consultant, Amy Wees. She's going to be breaking down the fundamentals of marketing your products on Amazon and what is working RIGHT NOW. You don't want to miss Amy as she breaks down the five crucial pieces of any listing.  Connect with Amy: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: