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Aug. 3, 2020

#24, Ft. Keith Golden: A mission to inspire continues

#24, Ft. Keith Golden: A mission to inspire continues

"Strong Practice, Strong Life"

Welcome to Episode 24, where we catch up with THE Keith Golden, our very first guest on the show, to chat about how a couple of things have evolved over the last year and a half like: 

  • How Keith's practice/teachings have evolved towards functional movement 
  • Whether or not we are still down to teach Donald Trump a class 🙄 (taking one for the team here, he clearly needs it) 
  • Men in yoga
  • How Keith has continued his mission to inspire

.... and more. We also talked about: 

  • How Keith shares a birthday with Malcolm X and his experience growing up Black in the US 
  • The Black Lives Matter movement and why it’s important to love yourself before you engage in conversations
  • How Keith sees himself as someone who battles racism, not as a victim of racism
  • Victim vs. fighter 
  • Why after George Floyd's death so many people reached out saying "I'm sorry" (and Keith puts me on the spot and asks me if I get upset as a woman since no one apologized when for example Epstein cases come out) 
  • His teacher Mr. Hooper who made a big difference in his life in the 80s (and who he's reconnected with since!!)
  • How being Black in America is different than being Black in Denmark (and France, and almost everywhere else in the world) 
  • Being as cool as possible 
  • The importance of conversations and dialoguing/listening to people 
  • Being open to experiences vs. statistics 

... and last but not least, how to make life better for people. 

You can connect with Keith on Instagram: @keith_golden, Facebook: or on his website:

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