The Blueprint 2 Success Podcast

The Blueprint 2 Success Podcast

From setbacks to setups, hear how to maneuver through life's obstacles and challenges to obtain the success you desire in your life. Motivational Speaker, Author, and Success Coach Michael Mariner teams up with Co-hosts Alxndr Hall and Boy Wonda, two of the most influential hip hop artist in CHH (Christian Hip Hop), to bring you insightful, motivational and empowering instructions and information to help you live life by design and not by default by living out your life's purpose on purpose by following the blueprint 2 success that has been laid out before you by predecessors within your industry

Recent Episodes

June 07, 2023

Organic Roots

True growth and success comes from being your authentic self. You were wired in a way that you can't be duplicated. Some may try to imitate you but they can't duplicate you because you are who you are by design purpose! Tune ...

May 31, 2023

The Purposed Place

There's nothing like living in the purposed place, the place that was designed specifically for you! Purpose can be found in everything, but the question is, can you find the purpose in everything? Even when things don't go a...

May 24, 2023

Noisy Experiences

Ever experienced so much noise surrounding you that clarity eluded you? We live in a noisy world that grabs our attention in more ways than one. No matter how noisy our world gets, the best thing you can do for yourself is re...

May 17, 2023

Survivor's Remorse

Should you have survivor's remorse because you survived a situation and took advantage of an opportunity that someone else could've but didn't because they wasn't in the right place to value the opportunity and now you're hav...

May 10, 2023


Many times life and opportunities require us to reinvent ourselves. Reinventing one's self doesn't mean that you're losing who you are but more of the fact that you're evolving into the person you're growing into becoming. Tu...

May 03, 2023

Building vs. Establishing

Learning what phase you are in your life determines the opportunities that are afforded you and how to make the best out of each opportunity as well. Tune in this week as the squad talks about the phases in your life that rep...