Driver told me to get out because my delivery too long to get to us hello it called black Friday!! Now I'm forced to get another driver!!;I PAID FOR A RIDE TO DO CURBSIDE PICKUP ABD TO RETURN TO THE SECOND PALACE THEY CAME UP WITH SOME LAME EXCUSE THAT DROP OFF WAS CHANGE HELLO JACK ASS ! I ADDED T…

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Nov. 25, 2022

stuck waiting

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I got both robbed and stood up in the same dam year!! This is not fair at all!!!! 3 items I never got from Walmart delivery. How I did week 11 early so that I can cry 😢 over the dam weekend!!!

Watch the webinar and find out how to make money starting today!!!!!!

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Nov. 23, 2022

Delivery disaster

Hopefully I'm not alone in this not getting my food from Walmart delivery two days straight! Thanksgiving NFL pick up week 12 predictions

Wow it's official days before a holiday deliveries from Walmart will be terrible had to cancel the first one though it was a fluke then gave them benefit of a…

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Early open thoughts
Final birthday week 10 NFL pick up
11w mostly double downs only 2 losses and 1 refusal.
Hands free business sweet monthly income.

When I joined the program for 9.99 That gives me one month to get sales before
I have to pay 199. Everyone that joins under mie does the s…

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Week 11 of the NFL pick up birthday redo is in full effect exposure time it's too early for everyone to be in winter ! The double downs are here to stay forever. What's wrong with the saints ? People want the coach fired and an early endorsement for president trump and might be starting a PAC for T…

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Officially 49 pre elderly birthday podcast.

My thoughts on my birthday some regrets and how to be a real citizen of big d county. Citizen don't call host an idiot for not wanting to see life pass me by. Also…

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take a Look at this
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Need money to cover rent or extra money for the first of the month ? Give this a try get paid monthly video explain it all even have testimoninies as well ! You don't have to explain anything a coach close all sales !  Take action now. 

Experience not needed yes you can work from home. Excellent p…

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After years and over 700 videos the judge of big d county have reached his dream of 1000 subs he now has 1003 ! Big d county congratulate the judge on his accomplishment!
Here's his channel

This is the capture page company that I'm using and it also has an au…

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On second thought I'm not able to get out after all my YouTube premium was trying to be taken out way too early and the card that I put YouTube premium for took $5 maintenance fee so I won't even have a $300 bankroll so I won't even think about going in December because of playing Christmas music s…

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Ok so I'm an idiot for wanting to enjoy my life even though I always beg the Lord to call me back home where my late wife and my friend who I coached him on his own cable pubic access tv show and I am always told it's not time yet? I'm paying my bills and food portions are terrible and a former cit…

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Come to podcast movement eveloutions in Las Vegas march 7 and podcast movement in Denver CO in August

This ingenious “AUTOMATED” lead system fills your mailing list with up to 197 leads daily…

AND you can brand it with your own businesses of choice…

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Nov. 3, 2022

New podfest ad

My new ad for podfest Come hear me speak and other speakers at podfest and get a discount with my code bigdcountry ! Podfest is January 26 -29 at Orlando Florida I'll be speaking in the 26!…
Racing and Motorheads and a driver's
We have serious motorheads and racin…

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Breaking news Big d county! All I'm allowed to say is I just found out that I been officially asked to join the board of advisors of podfest!! I can't share all of the email but here's the great news part! Deshon,
We would like you to be one of a handful of individuals that will be
part of the P…

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I'm speaking at podfest in 2023!! Think of it like a 5 min ted talk! How I did week 7
I only had 1 loss on week 7 the double downs are friends ! 12 wins I'll take it any day of the week!
The cost of gas is at an all time high but if you want to get to and from work or If you work in your vehicl…

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Big d county and the big d zone honors the life of DR Irene' father who sadly passed away prayers and deepest condolences to her and her family during their time of loss. The cost of gas is at an all time high but if you want to get to and from work or If you work in your vehicle your just about fo…

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Nuisance state of emergency at place that hold second palace

The place that holds the second palace have been put a nuisance notice who knew I am really not interested in renewing my lease next week year in October 2023 because of this I be in .y apartment 247 unless I go out or out of town an…

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Gas prices got you down? Yes there's a solution my special guest on leaders of tomorrow MPG Xtreme in this special leaders of tomorrow will find out about how the gas tabs aka vitamins for your vehicles and about the very special grand opening celebration also included a great testimony about how …

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So when my pizza got stolen from me I told GrubHub I was going to press charges that was a $35 order but the police not only didn't want to help but it was also a nuisance call found that out from landlord that was very angry! So the next time things get stolen from me I can't even call the cops or…

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Leaders of tomorrow special guest podcast movement Jared Easley

special guest podcast movement Jared Easley graced the second palace at long last podcast movement invade big d county! I even let him sit on my throne lol. We talked about his podcast a bit of history of podcast movement and more t…

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Would you like your business almost half built for you? One of my sponsor's trucker friends is getting into my mpgxtreme business. His wife wants to make money by promoting this, also. I think she'll do very well. If you want all of her business volumne under you, sign up today and I'll put her bel…

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1. Who do you know that spends too much on Fuel...Gas or Diesel? 

2. Of those people, who would want to save 10% or more, on each tank full?

3. Given the opportunity, would you like to Save Money or Make Money or both? 

Here is a simple way you can help them, and yourself! 

Let me know what yo…

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