Deshon Porter for Lt governor 2024 bio

Hello my name is Deshon Porter I am from st Louis MO moved from Springfield mo. Been a Missourian for 9 years born united states citizen. I shall be eligible to serve if elected in both the primary and general election. I was married to the beautiful Treasa Donnell Porter until her untimely and tragic sudden passing in 2016 we had only one year of wedded bless and I still sorely miss her so even though she's in heaven. Honey I still love you. I'm 48 years old a widower without kids. I have run for state house while living in Springfield in 2018 and got second palace  ran for US Senate unsuccessfully in 2022 in a very crowded field of 21 Republican canadates.  I never heald pubic office but I want to fight and serve my fellow Missourians as senator. In 2024 I'm eyeing the governor's office either as Lt governor of Missouri or governor. I host a comedy podcast titled the big d zone since 2007 off and on. I'm a Christian who believes in God and Christ. I am vaccinated for covid after healing from covid back early in 2021 although still feeling some effects of it I still believe in choices should be allowed. Mental issues I do have because of dealing with my late wife's passing away and this stupid pendemic from the lockdowns fear mongering stupid mandates both mask and vaccination and seeing other people suffer along with myself and our leaders are forgetting about us struck a nerve. I'm not going to make promises I am unable to keep but this I do know that when Im elected I will fight! Don't vote for an established political figure vote for new and caring and someone who will never give up.