Sept. 29, 2022

Not again waiting

Not again waiting

Food delivery trouble continues

A Facebook friend says waiting on God is always good even though it might take a long time well you haven't been in my shoes lately only on some game shows on discord that I play the patient strangely works uh sometimes lol anyway. It's always while I'm at the second palace the wait is terrible when it comes to Door dash from the booking time window to the not so good deliveries and I'm left tired at the end. What if you waited years to get married forced to wait until after almost mid 40s only one wonderful year of marriage and just like that she's in heaven and left me and I'm struggling alone I have PTSD and severe depression and all I wanted was to be a happy family man I'm partly blind and have other disabilities and it's a constant fight and I'm receiving all the prayers I can get that helps but not waiting it's like I'm always last.

Las Vegas

  It's time to plan a trip to Las Vegas I'm going there on my birthday month come join me for hotel ideas look here.

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