April 2, 2020

Episode 4: Inclusive Ecosystem Building with Rodney Sampson

Episode 4:  Inclusive Ecosystem Building with Rodney Sampson
Join Atento Capital for the fourth episode of our podcast, Be Atento. In this episode we talk with Rodney Sampson, Founder and CEO of Opportunity Hub. Rodney founded Multicast Media Technologies, which was acquired for $24 million back in 2010, served as a Partner at TechSquare Labs, which has a portfolio valued at over $1.5 billion, is currently a professor of entrepreneurship at Morehouse College. Rodney's journey has afforded him with numerous incredible opportunities including working with Shark Tank, the Brookings Institute, the Kauffman Foundation and countless others. Today he spends his time working with underrepresented students and professionals and cities to address and close the racial wealth gap through his organization, Opportunity Hub. Tune in to learn more about Rodney's journey and his work to ensure racial equity in the technology ecosystem.To learn more about Atento Capital, check out our website: https://www.atentocapital.com/Subscribe to the Be Atento Podcast anywhere podcasts can be found, if you need help, check us out on Podfollow: https://podfollow.com/1499376646 See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.