The Awkward Mom Stage

The Awkward Mom Stage

The Awkward Mom Stage is a lifestyle podcast created by Chantèa Harris where she talks to friends and experts about life, motherhood, and everything in between. Every week Lola brings her monotone humor along to discuss topics that we all struggle with whether you're a parent or not. No matter what you juggle on your plate of life every day, things can get messy. Join Chantèa as she awkwardly navigates through millennial mom life.

If you feel stuck in an identity crisis, struggling with imposter syndrome, feeling like your life lacks direction, or your goals feel distant. You're not alone. This podcast celebrates life for exactly what it is, AWKWARD!

If you're about getting your life together while sharing the awkward moments and dropping the occasional F-Bomb, you're in the right place. Hit the follow button because life is much easier with friends along for the ride. Join Chantèa and sometimes a guest or two as we go through this awkward thing called life together.

Always Remember You’re Beautiful!


Recent Episodes

“Snapchat Comeback, Festive Frustrations, and Self-Love Lessons” Let’s Chat

Nov. 17, 2023

Chantèa sits down and shares her rekindled love for Snapchat and why it's become her go-to platform. From festive frustrations about holiday decor to diving into her favorite shows and the journey of quitting vaping, this ep…

"Aliens, Underworlds, and Trash TV" I'm Back with a Mental Health Chat

Nov. 10, 2023

Chantèa is back with a mental health chat and update. It’s been 3 months since the passing of her beloved pup Brooke and Chantèa is back chatting about what’s been going on why she said she would be back in a week and how it…

“I Lost My Best Friend” Coping with Loss and Grief

July 28, 2023

Chantèa is back with a not-so-happy update. She talks about the loss of her dog and how she’s been coping since. Trigger Warning: Pet death is discussed in this episode. In this episode : Grief Pet Loss Have questions, comme…

“I’m gonna win the lottery, I just have to play first." Let’s Chat

June 3, 2023

Chantèa’s back with more unrelated news and she shares her new favorite Amazon find, why she doesn’t always follow trends, preparing to buy a house, getting a new therapist, what she does to find her personal style, and how …

"Getting Ghosted by your Therapist While Trying to Save Money" Let's Chat

May 27, 2023

Chantèa sits down and talks about getting a new therapist after getting ghosted by her old one, things she’s doing to try and curb emotional spending to save money, and what she’s been watching on TV. In this episode: Curbin…

“Anxiety, Self-Care, and Netflix Oh My!” Taking Time Away

May 19, 2023

Chantèa sits down to chat about what’s been going on, why she’s not using her blog name anymore, and talking about finally coming back from a social media hiatus. In this episode: Self-Care Building Self-Confidence What I’m …