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Oct. 27, 2021

Switchel or shrub, and why vinegar matters

Switchel or shrub, and why vinegar matters

Vinegar was used in drinks to keep them fresh in the days (centuries) before refrigerators. It even stood in for spirits during the American Prohibition. Now it's making a comeback as the backbone of some delicious non-alcoholic drinks.

Christine talks to Bethan Higson and Matthew Jukes about the drinks they have created, and what made them choose apple cider vinegar as a base ingredient.

Learn about the 3 key ingredients that go into a shrub, and why switchel is just another name for a shrub with ginger.


Bethan Higson is the Founder of Mother Root https://www.motherroot.london

Matthew Jukes is a wine expert, journalist and buyer, and is the creator of Jukes Cordialities https://jukescordialities.com and https://www.matthewjukes.com


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