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Nov. 3, 2021

Spoilt without alcohol?

Spoilt without alcohol?

Tom Ward says they go 'ping'. Simon Rucker mentions explosions. Chrissie and James explain: they're talking about shelf life, and spoilage of non-alc drinks

There are two real reasons why our ancestors made and consumed alcoholic drinks:

  1. Foodstuffs ferment quite naturally to produce alcohol - it just happens.
  2. Once alcohol is present, it tends to preserve the drink.

(possibly they liked the effects, too)

Non-alcoholic drinks, however, don't have alcohol to preserve them, and this can cause problems.

Simon Rucker of Timeless Drinks and Tom Ward of Wise Bartender share their experiences of making and storing alcohol-free drinks. We hear why some drinks are more vulnerable to spoilage than others, and what can be done to make them stable.

We also ponder the need for education around handling drinks without alcohol.


Simon Rucker is the Founder / Joint CEO of 
Timeless Drinks Ventures Ltd, creator of the award-winning 'Nine Elms no 18'


Tom Ward is the Owner of Wise Bartender, online distributor of non-alcoholic drinks


Who we are:

James Morgan co-founded the No & Low consultancy Brimful Drinks after a 25-year career in hospitality. He also has a background in both art and research.


Christine Parkinson co-founded Brimful Drinks after 18 years as the award-winning Head of Wine for Hakkasan Group




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