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Nov. 18, 2021

Club Soda with Laura Willoughby MBE

Club Soda with Laura Willoughby MBE

Lots of producers of No & Low alcohol drinks got into the industry when they decided to change their own drinking choices. They couldn't find what they wanted to drink, so they made their own. Laura Willoughby did it slightly differently - she started a movement.

Club Soda was created as a community for people moderating their alcohol intake. It has become the go-to place for information and support for sober drinkers. But it's also the place where the industry goes: Laura realised that to make the world a good place for non-drinkers, she had to change everything about drinks: from manufacture and distribution through to retail and hospitality. Club Soda has had an enormous impact and - if you are in anyway interested or involved in No & Low - it's an essential source of information in a rapidly evolving category


Laura Willoughby MBE is Co-Founder of Club Soda



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