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Dec. 29, 2022

Mediation in Court with Theresa Agostinelli

Mediation in Court with Theresa Agostinelli

Theresa Agostinelli is an Author, Media, Biz Coach, Corporate Trainer, and JMT Author of The GRID System: The GRID System: Creating More of What's Good in Your Life


Theresa pointed out the difference as a preferred provider due to her experience and expertise in the Court system during divorce and custody situations. 

She shared that Parental Alienation Syndrome is more recognized today than in the past. It is not a clinically accepted situation but therapists and counselors are equipped to deal with the negative impact it has on children. 

She has developed an eight point system for counseling children and has published about it as well. 

Her process of helping includes: ask, suggest, and requirement depending on what is needed in each individual case. 

The custody process entails that either a Judge or an attorney will choose a counselor and can serve on both sides, for either a mother or a father, and they deal with the same attorneys repeatedly. 

Theresa stressed that Court Orders should be enforced and Judges should be vigilant in requiring parents to comply. 

COVID brought on a whole new set of issues in that children or parents were ill, arrangements were more difficult to fulfill, and anxiety increased as a result of the conditions. 

If a party during disputes was not cooperative she suggested that Contempt filings should be made so that parents could work together co-parenting. 

A unique aspect of her expertise had to do with the important role that grandparents (and family generally) play in custody and divorce situations. 

The role of the grandparents can bring stability and support to the children caught in the middle of custody. 

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How do you reach Theresa?

website: www.profwithpurpose.com

email: tagostinelli3@gmail.com

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