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Jan. 24, 2023

He Said/She Said: Reflecting on the highlights from guest, Charlie McCready

He Said/She Said: Reflecting on the highlights from guest, Charlie McCready

Three main topics are covered after interviewing Charlie in the two episodes:

1. Helping children through Parental Alienation (PA);

2. Reducing damage done through trauma;

3. Restoring personal mental health. 

The parent manipulates the child to avoid the other parent. 

The PA syndrome is similar to the Five Stages of Grief by Kubler-Ross: https://www.psycom.net/stages-of-grief.

PA is a similar process; but unlike grief, the child is still alive but alienated. 

We apply our individual situations and how it is similar and dissimilar to grief. The kid or kids are gone but totally which is awkward to process.

We discuss how although this is your position; you should present yourself as strong and happy; there is nothing wrong with you. 

The child is not experiencing alienation; you are. Don't over communicate by saying things such as `I miss you.' That phrase harms kids as well since they are not in control.

We discuss how this is the most natural thing to say but refrain from saying it.

Don't present yourself as sad or depressed. If you are confident and happy you are a strong parent and kids seek you out.

We discuss the necessity of having friends, family, and a life outside your children.

Families and friends need to be coached against the injustice that you are feeling; it does not help.

We discuss the need to educate friends and family.

Legislative reform can only be done in the US on a state-by-state basis and not federally. People in power do not take chances making decisions so they do not face a negative reaction

We followed by discussing the details emerging from Ohio's legislation. 

If a parent is immature the child tries to parent the parent thus upsetting the natural order. Parents should always be a parent. Kids just want to be kids. 

Family members and friends choose between the alienator, children, and you. They can turn on you further isolating you.

The universe is similar to a Venn diagram. Lives intersect but you, the alienator, and the children are in a separate universe. Remind yourself that you are a good person and grow.

Reach out to Charlie via Facebook and Instagram to DM Charlie. He has a twenty-minute introductory video, and in a small group setting has an eight-week program which repeats four weeks later as a follow-up. 

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