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History of the Lounge

Sam started working from home in August of 2019. It was a great job, BUT his wife noticed something... he wasn't socializing much. She suggested he do something to get more social interaction.

Sam thought about what he could do, and it just always came back to, "Where can I have a conversation with people, on a regular basis?" He likes to talk (DUH!), so the "best" logical place to converse... START A PODCAST! 

"REAL" conversation between Sam & the production team before we started
By myself..? At first, yes, but then you can add a co-host... OR TWO!
Just us talking to one another? Sure why not? Well, if you want to have guests on... you could!
What if we get guests who are GREAT, but aren't from the sports world...? Hmmm... that's sort of tricky! If that happens, we could tweak the name a little, and go from there!
What about equipment to start? You have a microphone & headphones you bought for work... you're all set! When you add co-host(s) we'll adapt, even if it's you both huddling around that mic talking into it!

Such forethought! To have a production meeting and almost predicting pretty much the exact path of the Lounge!
It started out as 500 Section Sports, with Sam talking, by himself, about certain sports topics. It was quickly recognized that Sam needed a co-host! Richey came on and helped keep Sam going forward! The guests? YEAH, just as the conversation recognized, the guests weren't just sports-related, but they were FANTASTIC! So the name was changed to the 500 Section Lounge! After a couple of months, Sam and Richey added Little Matt! Matt provides an insight that is not only funny but VERY timely! 

The Lounge has now morphed into a way of life! We have "Legendary Conversations From Sports to History, & Everything In-between!" We get to know everyone who comes in, and make them happy they hung out!

SO, be on the lookout for what we do next, and always be there to #grabalisten!