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Stranger things

That's Strange is a really great show that dives into a bunch of increadibly unique topics like MKUltra or the Blue Whale challenge. Chad, Alex, and Ryan each bring their own spin on things and you can tell a lot of heart and research go into every episode!

Really cool podcast!

I enjoy true crime, but sometimes need a switchup from the regular format. This podcast fits the bill. Really cool, interesting, well researched topics that I don't get from the other podcasts I listen to. Highly recommend!

What a great group and conversations!

If you love the weird and strange, you will love this show! What an amazing group of guys with great discussions on all that is weird in the world. I'm always excited to see what they come up with. Eric, The Unseen

Strangely Amazing!

This podcast is very well researched, and their content is golden! I especially loved the Mothman episode, but every subject is super interesting! This is a fun podcast, and I can’t wait to get caught up on all the episodes!

Awesome podcast

I love the topics the crew discuss weekly and I love the intro reminds me of stranger things lol . Great stuff guys keep it up 👍


You know what’s strange??? Not everyone is listening to this podcast!!



Strange Tales

I enjoyed listening to this podcast about strange experiences. I had heard the basic knowledge about some of them but I never knew the inner workings of what went on. They fill us in and make it very interesting to listen to. Terrific Show if you like to hear strange stories and experiences!

Good chemistry

Subscribed day one when I saw a post on reddit and they talked about way fair. Not really a deep dive show but I like how they touch enough on a subject to get you to look into things yourself felt proud of them for score if their first interview which I felt they did great. Will donate in the future when y’all get that set up. Seem like real cool dudes

So entertaining!

It’s clear just from the titles/descriptions alone that this podcast is unbelievably entertaining, but the hosts also seem to present the stories in unique and fun ways that keep you hooked all the way through!

Easy listening & well researched

Nothing better than sitting back in a hot bath, listening to top ten hauntings with some easy-listening hosts! Tower of London— super intriguing about the mass amounts of trauma experienced there. And then the suicide forests, I’ve been researching myself for awhile. The reason people go there and the amount of people is staggering! Thank you for doing the research on the stories!

What a great show, I want more!!

I love this podcast, you guys do such a great job. You have got me super excited about Area 51 from the Bob Lazar episode. I look forward to more episodes.


Wow, I'm hooked!! If you like true crime, the paranormal or just weirdness this is the show for you. The hosts ha e amazing chemistry and are so knowledgeable!!! I found myself two episodes in and I had lost track of time. I love the historical references. I'm entertained and learning, it's amazing!! I'm a new fan!! Love this show!! Well done!!! Laura McD Ivy League Murders


Love this podcast.... Its like which pill to take, the blue or the red pill...they will expand your mind. Jump into the Matrix with That's Strange...you won't be dissappointed.

Awesome Podcast!

Love the great topics 🎙. Can't wait to listen to more episodes!!

This podcast is it!

What a great podcast! I enjoy every single episode and can’t wait to see more come out.Definitely subscribe to this one!

Best podcast ever

For a new show, you’d never think it. I listen to all of their episodes and live-streams and I cannot get enough. This show is candid, honest, intriguing and by far one you MUST SUBSCRIBE to. -Forever a fan


The Bob Lazar episode was awesome! These guys know their stuff! Detailed and well researched. Very intellectually challenging. The intro music is awesome as well, reminds me of Stranger Things!

Great show

Love this podcast. Interesting topics, well researched. Hosts have great chemistry. Can’t wait to see what they dive into next!


Love the show! Can’t wait for more.

I love it

Love the variety, I love the chemistry! I had so much fun listening. It’s entertaining and amazing.

The JS Self Care Mind Body & Soul Podcast

❤️Good Show love that you taping 1AM. Keep the Episode's Coming❤️

Can’t wait for more

Great sound and chemistry. Loved listening to the, already, wide selection of topics. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Awesome podcast!

Great idea with interesting hosts, absolutely love it.

Love it!!

Super amazing podcast with the best host!! Highly highly recommended!

Good concept

It’s a good concept and idea, entertaining, and I’m interested in seeing how it progresses.

Great Podcast

What an awesome podcast! The sound is amazing and the content is great! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Love the banter. Keep it up

Great show!

Very informative and well crafted show!


The hosts are very easy to listen to, and the subject matter is gripping! They have an innovative approach to research which allows for a deep dive without losing the casual listener. I’m really liking the feel and flow of this podcast! Keep up the excellent work!