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Sept. 15, 2020

Mothman: Fact or Fiction

Mothman: Fact or Fiction

Mothman, Point Pleasant, Bridges and the possible fallout from munitions waste in a wildlife conservatory

We are thrilled to reveal our season finale on Mothman!

Rounding out our season with another folklore creature seemed like the perfect cap to an amazing season! We couldn't be more happy with the support that we have gotten since first starting That's Strange.

Unlike most season breaks, we will only be gone for a short break.

We hope you enjoy the Mothman episode! Mothman was one of the most interesting topics to research because of the fact that his sightings were so rare. Unlike Bigfoot, loch ness, or any other creature, his sightings were all within a year. While many believe to have seen him outside of the West Virginia area, the original sightings are what build this folklore.

Stay tuned to our Facebook on updates on season 2 and the exciting news we will have in the coming weeks! If you're having trouble finding us anywhere head over to our Linktree for all our different links!

Thank you all again for the amazing response to our first season and we are going to continue this momentum into season 2 and beyond! We will see you all real soon!