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Season 1

Mothman: Fact or Fiction

Sept. 15, 2020

Mothman, Point Pleasant, Bridges and the possible fallout from munitions waste in a wildlife conservatory

Jonestown (The People's Temple) - Cult Series Part 3

Sept. 8, 2020

Jim Jones, People's Temple, Jonestown, and the events that led to the tragic end.

Heaven's Gate - Cult Series Part 2

Sept. 4, 2020

Heaven's Gate, Marshall Applewhite, Bonnie Nettles, and Hale-Bopp.

Branch Davidians (Waco) - Cult Series Part 1

Sept. 1, 2020

Part 1 of the Cult Series

Top 10 Most Terrifying Hauntings

Aug. 24, 2020

Top 10 Most Terrifying Hauntings... according to Chad and Ryan Since we are missing Alex for today’s recording, we decided to do something fun with our first Top 10 list! Chad and Ryan have both compiled lists of the top 5 m…

Dimensional Jumping, Large Hadron Collider and CERN (Part Two of Mandela Episode)

Aug. 10, 2020

Two episodes in one week!  We are literally killing it!Part Two of this week's multi-topic is going to focus on Multiple Dimensions and Dimensional Jumping in particular.  We are going to go over some personal Mandela Effect…

The Mandela Effect, Magic Bullet Theory and Dimensional Jumping Part One (featuring Author Stasha Eriksen)

Aug. 10, 2020

This week's episode goes so in depth that we needed to make two parts!  We will be posting the 2nd episode in a few days.  Get the inside look at The Mandela Effect from the expert!  Stasha Eriksen is the author of "The Mand…

No Sleep (Part 1) Paranormal Midnight Episode, EVP's and Welcome Ryan!

Aug. 2, 2020

In this week's episode, we will dive into the world of the paranormal.  We begin our first ever LIVE episode with Pod VCon.  Explore the world of EVP's with us and we will begin Part 1 of our r/nosleep story "My Dead Girlfri…

Slenderman, Origins and Ke$ha?

July 26, 2020

We start off with a gripping narrative, that will transport you to a desolate cabin awaiting the arrival of Slenderman. Chad goes over the origins and violence associated with the legend. But seriously, what does this have t…

Wayfair Cabinets, Fact or Fiction?

July 19, 2020

On our inaugural episode we sit down to discuss one of the strangest allegations that has come up in recent years, the wayfair human trafficking scandal. Let’s take a deep dive into this scandal and see if it’s substantial a…