Oct. 1, 2018

scheduling your priorities. [008]

scheduling your priorities. [008]

special guest Sarah Light of Sol Planners

For most of the last year, I have been burying my nose into one of the beautiful Sol Planners. This thing has literally been a game changer for the way I rock my biz and personal life. I find that I am checking a lot more things off my to-do list as well as staying organized. 

Sarah Light, the creator of Sol Planners, thought of everything a direct sales mom who juggles lots of different hats could want. Seriously. Everything. The pages are beautiful to look at, I have a spot to write all my to-dos, goals and ideas and it's all in one place. No more piles of notebooks with half stuck post-it notes or random loose papers. 

In today's episode, we get to learn a little more about Sarah's story, why she created these beauties and what's in store for the 2nd edition.


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