Dec. 12, 2020

Emily Jateff | The tortoise approach to solving climate change

Emily Jateff | The tortoise approach to solving climate change

Do you remember the tortoise and the hare history? When the fast but unmethodical hare losses to the slow but sure tortoise? Well, we are all acting like the hare when we want climate change to be solved after five minutes of hearing it from the internet and liking or sharing a post. Listen to Emily talk about the tortoise approach to solving huge problems, like climate change. Who is the tortoise? And most importantly, what can we do to help it? Emily Jateff is Curator of Ocean Science and Technology at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

She develops programs and content for the museum’s public-facing activities in ocean sciences, technologies, climate change and sustainability. These include the James Cameron: CHALLENGING THE DEEP and Sydney Harbour Gallery exhibitions, science and sustainability programs along our waterfront (like the new Ocean Lab) and working with global research vessels such as CSIRO Marine National Facility’s RV Investigator and Schmidt Ocean Institute’s RV Falkor during the 2020 circumnavigation of Australia.

She is passionate about sharing Australian scientists’ and innovators’ stories of marine inventions, our ocean climate and inhabitants, habitat restoration, and the impact of plastics with museum audiences and the wider public. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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