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July 16, 2020

Wear A Mask Or Not? That Is The Question!

Wear A Mask Or Not?  That Is The Question!

I'm joined on this Q-on-2 podcast by two ladies who have a passion for boosting your immune system. Since the early part of 2020, life has changed as we know it because of COVID-19.  A lot of people can't do the things that they once enjoyed because of quarantine restrictions and/or fear of contracting the coronavirus.   You turn on the TV and you see so many different opinions about ways to combat the virus that you don't know what to believe.  Is staying at home or wearing masks helping or hurting your chances of living a full and healthy life? I'm joined by Colorado's finest, Tali (former pharmaceutical sales representative) and Dr. Tiffany (healthcare provider) to discuss some of the things about COVID-19 that's not being revealed in mainstream media.  Both of these ladies are passionate about healthcare and have an extensive background in it.   I hope that you enjoy this podcast and that it encourages you to do your own research to find out what works best for you and yours.  I'm a mask wearer and although I may continue to be one, this information definitely gives you a lot to consider. (I've agreed to not use a photo or full name of the ladies due to the volatile society we live in today that doesn't respect other's opinions.) Show #824 Go to www.Talk2Q.com for links to reference materials.