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April 28, 2022

Can Men Be Vulnerable Around Women?

Can Men Be Vulnerable Around Women?

A couple of generations ago, it was taboo for a man to be emotional.  Fathers didn't tell their kids that they loved them.  It was only acceptable for guys to express themselves if they were singers.  And by no means did you ever see a man cry.

Fast forward to today and that's not the case.  However, although we're 40-60 years removed from that line of thinking, some of us still have a few toes stuck back in the past.  So many men are still fearful of showing vulnerabilities because they are afraid that those moments will be used against them.

There's a lot more awareness surrounding mental health, but it's still more talk than there is action. Most of the concerns for mental health seems to be centered around adults. Why not kids? Especially young boys who seem to struggle with their ego and emotions more than ever. Wouldn't that lessen the chances of episodes as adults if coping mechanisms were already put in place? My roundtable of guests will give their opinions on how men can be vulnerable around women and still feel like a man. This will be a tough one to discuss.

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